That Dog Girl

A lifelong love of animals and the outdoors is what I bring to my clients and their pets. For the first 21 years of my life I lived on a cattle farm that also had a few horses and my family dog. I did some shows and practiced roping and assisted other riders.

Coupled with the 11 years experience with NSD (National Service Dogs) assisting in training. The charity provides certified service dogs to assist children with autism and PTSD veterans. I raised several puppies in my home from the early age of 8 weeks till they were ready for the next stage at usually a year and a half to two years old. There were weekly classes as well as I did one on one sessions with newer puppy raisers. I did some fundraising and did public awareness for the program utilizing newspapers and TV appearances.

I have also worked on a Jersey Milking Farm assisting in milking, sanitation and helping with the baby calves.

One of my first memories as a child was experiencing the gift of enjoyment and freedom riding my horse Jonesy that he gave me. He was 9 when we got him. He was a bay quarter horse Gelding. He was a gentle giant. Well not so giant unless you were a kid like I was. He was a big softy and he really liked the grain and treats. l mostly rode western pleasure.  We competed in fairs for a few years. It was fun learning how to show and compete in classes. He lived the rest of his years out at the farm with his buddy Punk who was also a quarter horse. I started learning how to rope and liked participating in warming up and cool down sessions on roping nights. I even enjoyed the rodeos in the summer.

Laddy was my first dog as a child that I raised from a puppy. We went everywhere together. And in a big family farm there were lots of things to do.  He was such a great dog. He always met me in the driveway off the school bus. He was my best friend!

Currently I have Sunny. He is a golden retriever. He just turned one this year (2021). He’s very energetic and has been a busy puppy. We go out on lots of adventures and are making lots of memories. He’s ready for anything and with the warm weather ahead we have endless possibilities. And with a name like Sunny everyday is a bright and cheerful day!

Outside of working with dogs I love biking. The fresh air does me wonders to recharge.

I started fishing this year. It is teaching me patience and to take quiet time for myself.

I also had a routine doing some great workouts at the gym before they shut down due to Covid-19.