That Dog Girl

We had Tracey come take our 2 Aussie's one on one for 3-4 months while on was on Maternity leave:) We had heard great things about Tracey through our neighbour and she came highly recommended:) They both enjoyed a 20-30 min walk and had great training over the course of that time.. pleasantly pleased!! Thanks Tracey!
My fur-babies have all had the great fortune of having a continued relationship with Trainer Tracey for many years now. They LOVE her!  Tracey is compassionate and knowledgeable. Each walk is a mini-training session.  I highly recommend Tracey - and so do Radley and Molly.
I have known Tracey Elston for several years watched her work. She is passionate about dogs and knowledgeable about training. My greyhound loved her.
Although Tracey has only been working with my dog for a few months, her years of experience are more than evident. She is always willing to accommodate my schedule so that the training is consistent and all of our hard work has paid off. Since we began working together we have come leaps and bounds from where we were. My favourite moments during training sessions are when Nevada responds well and Tracey shares in my enthusiasm, emphasizing in his success just as much as she emphasizes my needs to be a strong leader when I correct his mistakes. What makes Tracey such a remarkable trainer is that she not only has a way with dogs, but she also has a way with people. I have never been more confident in my self as a leader to my dog and that would not be possible if it wasn’t for Tracey’s encouragement. I am very thankful that Tracey was involved in the process of training my puppy and judging by Nevada’s tail wagging I can confidently say that he feels the same way.
I found Tracey to be extremely competent in her abilities. She is knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, and my dog loved her. Her innate ability with dogs is uncanny and I would never use anyone else. Tracey is who I recommend to my friends when they need help being trained with their pet. She educates the owners in becoming an alpha pack leader and not a litter-mate which creates a happier pet and a less stressful environment for all.I won't use anyone else and you shouldn't either.
I have known Tracey Elston for nine years. She has volunteered for National Service dogs as a puppy raiser for that time. Tracey is a great trainer and has grown in knowledge and experience. She works hard to develop the skills our dogs need to succeed in the program. If you're looking for a trainer with that little extra then give Tracey a try, but you should be prepared to work as hard as she does!
G J Stephenson Breeding/Puppy Program Manager
National Service Dogs
I've known Tracey since 2010 when I met her at my first puppy class for National Service Dogs' puppies-in-training. She is beyond dedicated to the dogs, whether they be future service dogs or simply pets. She always demonstrates patience and consistency while working with them -- both key to training a happy, well-behaved pup. No issue is too big or too small for Tracey; she is always happy to help you work through a problem using positive reinforcement techniques. For these reasons, I would highly recommend her if you're in the market for a dog trainer.
C. Brittany Bulford
Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor